Pick A Pokemon

Pick A Pokemon

“Pikachu! I chose you!” I clearly remember the first time Ash said that after his friendship blossomed with Pikachu. What an exciting scene.

These scenes made me want a Pokemon for myself, a companion by your side through thick and thin.

I know Pokemon is not real, but it is one of the most popular sensations among kids, teenagers and adults. It first emerged in 1996 as a game and later got anime and movie adaptations due to its popularity.

As you know, Pokemon are little creatures of different types with different powers and abilities, which can evolve with time.

They were introduced to us by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori, first through a game for Nintendo. After Pokemon’s popularity hit off, pokemon anime started to stream on Television and the internet. 

Like many fans, Pokemon is still one of the best anime. I used to binge-watch Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z on Cartoon Network.

What are Pokemon?

Pokemon, also known as pocket monsters, are fantasy creatures of different types like water, earth, fire and so on, along with different powers used in Pokemon battles.

These are captured by human trainers to be trained and have battled against other Pokemon trainers. They live in a Pokeball carried by Pokemon trainers around the Pokeverse globe. 

The gameplay of Pokemon is to capture as many Pokemon as you can and train them to compete with fellow trainers to become the champion.

The most popular Pokemon so far in the franchise are: 

  1. Charizard
  2. Gardevoir
  3. Sylveon
  4. Event
  5. Lucario
  6. Gengar
  7. Garchomp
  8. Pikachu
  9. Mewtwo
  10. Mimikyu
  11. Rayquaza (The Legendary Pokemon)
  12. Greninja
  13. Snorlax
  14. Bulbasaur
  15. Blastoise 

P.S. My favourite Pokemon is Charizard, and I would like to carry it around. 

What is a random Pokemon generator tool?

A random Pokemon generator tool drafts a list of random Pokemon with details like their names, types, powers, weight, experience and I.D. 

It is completely FREE. You can generate as many random Pokemon lists as you want. This information helps out with the entertainment projects that you planned out. 

The list of Pokemon is vast, and you will always find a new one in the series. However, the list of Pokemon in the games is numbered, which is 1015.

These Pokemon are listed in Pokedex along with their names, types and powers specifications.

With this tool, you can find a random Pokemon you might be familiar with. This is what makes this tool exciting to use.

What are the uses of random Pokemon generator tools?

As mentioned above, it gives you a detailed outlook of a random Pokemon, making it easy to introduce a new Pokemon each day to your kid for different Pokemon stories and activities related to Pokemon, especially if your kid is a die-hard Pokemon fan.

The Pokemon dictionary is so big that you will most likely be surprised to find a new Pokemon you didn’t know about before. How exciting this makes things for you!

This tool is useful for active Pokemon players who are always searching for battle new Pokemon to raise their gameplay points and complete certain missions.

How to Use a Random Pokemon Generator?

This tool is quite simple, and there is nothing much you can do. Just select the number of Pokemon you want to generate. And click generate. This tool will work out everything for you. 

It will list the number of random Pokemon with their names, photos and details like type and IDI: base Experience, Weight and height.

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